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Betrayal by Tim Tigner Book ?

My friends and I read this book for July 2017. I picked it this book on a random google search. The author is new to me. It’s a mystery thriller. And I LOVE those! I used an audible credit to purchase the book. 

This book is it’s namesake; BETRAYAL. It is a lot government secrecy and messiness. There are these two agents are twin siblings. They use one to shut down the other in the name of the presidency. Will the rich and powerful be held accountable for their treacherous acts?

The protagonist FBI Special Agent Odysseus Carr (Odi) is on the FBI’s Counter-terrorism Response Team. He has been assigned, along with his team, to take out a terrorist training location in Iran but when they get there, it is apparent that the site is really a hospital treating injured children. The entire team is wiped out with the exception of Odi. With the help of an Iranian doctor named Ayden, Odi survives. Odi sets out to take revenge  using a very potent explosive weapon that he has developed. Is Ayden helping Odi Carr or using him for his own vile purposes? 

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Betrayal by Tim Tigner


? My Review | Possible SPOILERS!!! ?

For the most part I loved this book. It paced very well. I’m a sucker for a mystery thriller. I also having been loving these politically corrupt themed books. Ever since I read “Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and rhe Secret History of the Vietnam War” by Steve Sheinkin, I can image our government being overly SHADY. Check out that book.

Anyways back to this book and the Carr agents. For smart people they are very naive. First Odi wakes up in this randonm Iranian hospital and a doctor, Ayden, helps “rescue” him. It’s odd to me how trusting Odi was of Ayden off the bat. Yet I don’t recall him ever doing any re-con on Ayden. Odi is just out here going on a revenge kill. The dudes that set up the killing of Carr’s squad did a bad job of making sure they were all dead…

Then there’s Cassie Carr, Odi’s twin sister. She is an agent as well who is doing the boss and got pregnant. Apparently when an issue is too close to home she cannot do her job properly. Eh I sorta get that but I don’t. She basically has a career-ending fail when negotiating for the lives of two children ends fatally. Was that on purposed or unfortunate coincidence? No it was calculated by her boo’s friend, Stewart. Stewart is awful evil old man. She loses the kids plus her unborn baby. Boss boo never knows about the baby and doesn’t even visit her at the hospital. Just sends flowers? Later on he offers her a new job which is essentially her indirectly/directly tracking her twin brother, Odi.


As soon as Odi got back to the U.S. using Ayden’s passport he should have started looking up his credintials. He was so trusting of Ayden then got had. Odi messed up by making that large batch of creamer. He had been using this explosive creamer that couldnt be traced to do these revenge kills. As he is finishing up the batch he gets attacked in the lab by Ayden who leaves him for dead. But damn it Ayden double check your work. Cause he’s not dead.


By this time Cassie Carr, Odi’s twin, has clocked the profile and figured out it’s Odi doing the killings. Her and boss boo are preparing for Odi to come kill him. Sorry I cannot remember boss boo’s name. He is like the FBI director or something high up and trying to get on the ballot for VP of the United States. When Cassie figured out that her boss boo was the next target why did she not really question that…like WTF girl. Cassie and boss boo trick Odi with Cassie posing as boss boo in a robe. I just don’t understand how she couldn’t forsee that she was being played. It amazed me that she chose boss boo over HER twin. When she put the gun in the aquarium I was like BIIIIIHHHH!!! Ugh!

When Cassie put the gun in the tank


Then the twins are forced to drink the creamer and left for dead. Like again people not double checking their work. I swear these twins are indestructible. So it’s odd that they could just throw up the creamer and not die. But it happens. 

The boss boo and Stewart mess up forgetting to take the tape out as it could survive the explosion of the twins. Stewart comebacks to destroy the tape. At this time Odi was swimming to land to cop a ride to NY so he can get on cruise ship to warn a Senator and unexpectedly stop Ayden. What’s strange is how Odi had all this energy and strength to swim and get to the cruise ship. Like he’s still recovering from the shoulder injury in Iran, then the attack from Ayden and now after getting hit on the head from a gun plus throwing up creamer. Like how are you are you doing this!??

Odi carrying Ayden throughout the ship…How sway??

At this point Ayden had his group of bomb warriors ready to drink their creamers to kill the Senators in corresponding planes. Its interesting how boss boo and his people have orchestrated all of this to help him get on the ballot. They truly live off of the people’s fear. 

Odi finds the Senator or whomever then clues onto Ayden being there. Ayden drinks a large amount of creamer ready to blow up the cruise ship. Ayden handcuffs himself to the boiler thinking he’d outsmart Odi….BUT NO SIR. Odi uses an ax to chop of his wrist and carries him to throw him overboard. Wait Wait a minute. Odi you logically have to be too weak to carry an at least 160lbs man and throw him overboard so the ship doesn’t blow up. Did he even throw him far enough so there isn’t a ripple effect? Eh I digress. 

Cassie got the tape girl showing what boss boo and Stewart did to the twins. Stewart is dead. She shows up to the studio where boss boo is and he’s like oh damn. He declares on national tv that he will not be running for any political office and then disappears. I’m confused as to why the twins let him go.

The ending of the book is lack luster to me. Cassie now has a successful private practice and Odi has been release from custody after a few months. Cause he had to be de-briefed I guess as resurrected dead man. Odi comes to see Cassie and she’s just like we’ll have to talk later I have a date. Like….ok.

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