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Sister Sister by Sue Fortin ?

I read this book back in May or June with my book club friends. We went to brunch…cannot remember the place. Will try to do better for future posts. This is a book I picked for the month based on a “recommend for you” list I saw on my audible app. It was $6 and I was like sure why not. I’m a lover of thrill and suspense. For the most part the book flowed decently. I know I saw on a couple reviews where people got annoyed that Fortin messed up time zones. My friend Sarah made a big deal about this too. <insert eyeroll> I didn’t care because though I over think things I wasn’t about to calculate the time difference.

This book is essentially about a tale of two sisters torn apart at a young age and many years later are reconnected. One stays in London, I believe, and the other is whisked away to America. You have Claire, the older sister, who grows up to be a lawyer. Then there’s Alice, the younger sister, who was raised in America. Their mother has always longed to have Alice return but she never speaks of why the father took Alice off for holiday to America and never returned. Alice gets in contact with her long-lost mother and sister, Claire. Soon she’s traveling overseas and acclimating herself to the new family as though they had never parted. Weird things start to happen to the already stressed out Claire. Is Alice who she said she is? Is she here to replace Claire? Is Claire going crazy? Do you believe the daughter you’ve raised or the long lost daughter you’ve been waiting to return? 

Two sisters. One Truth.

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Sister Sister by Sue Fortin


? My Review | Possible SPOILERS!!! ?

Okay now onto how I feel about this book. For most part I liked it. Was the plot predictable. Well YEAH! This book definitely gave me Single White Female vibes⚔ After the scene of Claire and her mom meeting Alice at the airport, I had a bad feeling about Alice. I was like is Alice really Alice…my friends get annoyed with me cause I’ll ask questions in our text group when they are clearly finished reading the book. They’re just like KEEP READING….ugh or you could answer my question…? 

It was quite irritating that the mother kept taking Alice’s side. I wanted to shake her so bad! Like no ma’am! Did you forget you raised Claire. You know her!! You don’t know Alice. You haven’t seen or heard from her since she was like 5 years old. SO why is Alice’s word more creditable than the daughter that raised. I was like @$%**?. Plus I couldn’t fathom why the mom wouldn’t just explain what happened between her and their father. Made no sense why he didn’t take both girls….(took me waaaay to long to figure that part out)? And don’t get me started on Claire’s husband. That’s the same thing too. Like you married this woman and you want to chop her attitude up to jealous. Boy bye! I felt Claire’s family failed her and turned on her way too quick. 



For a lawyer Claire is pretty slow. There were times in the book where I really questioned her intellect. I’m going to chop it all up to the fact that this issue was too close to home and logic went out the window. I mean what do you do when the feeling of elation you thought you’d have once you got your lost lost sister back doesn’t come. Should you feel bad for not instantaneously feeling love for her? No bond? Questioning everything about this “new” family member?

Alice is definitely Hedra Carlson from Single White Female. She’s beautiful and manipulative. She told on her self a couple times. First at the airport. Alice hugged the mom and sister like she knew them plus cried. Um no! You haven’t seen these people since you were about 5 years old. Which means you have little to no memory of them. Her dad made sure of that…so why aren’t you approaching them as strangers? Weird….then you brought no throwback pictures of yourself. Um why not? OK mom you’re just happy to have your daughter back…I see you.

When you find out whose pulling the puppet strings and the motive it’s kind of eff’d up. Gotta love a cliff hanger… 😉

How Claire should have been….


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