Tiny Rain Drop | Natural Hair Comic


It's been raining☔ for the past two weeks in Houston, TX. Water is the #1 frenemy of a naturalista!

HTX has dry heat which is better than my good ol' home of Virginia where its humid af. All it takes is one drop of rain and POOF! Thank goodness for the modified goddess braid/twist hair do.

Have you experience this at all?

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Cinema Photo Background by Myke Simon on Unsplash

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Stop Crying Girl | Natural Hair Comic


So back in the day when the natural hair movement wasn't so saturated I remember girls becoming OBSESSED with natural hair beauty gurus. To the point that the fans thought it was their hair too. God forbid one of these natural hair gurus did a second big chop. Some of their fans would LOSE their minds like they got their hair cut off too. You'd see them in the Youtube comments mourning the dead hair...😭

That's when I came to realization that the natural hair community was  "lengthist". Everyone envied the big curly hair. Even I did, not appreciating the inbetween "ugly" phase. Basically don't live vicariously through your favorite naturalista. #hairgoals

Does anyone remember the old school natural hair beauty gurus of like 2007-2009? I miss ladies like Rustic Beauty. Hope she's doing well. 

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Hi Bich! | Natural Hair Comic

I've been thinking about this one for awhile. 

Hello fellow naturalistas👋 Let's talk about straightening our hair. THIS IS A PROCESS! First you have to pray🙏 to baby Jesus that He will allow your hair to revert back once you're ready to come back to the Curly Nation. Sometimes this is a 2-3 day process like UGGGGH😣 for the fear of HEAT 🔥 DAMAGE.

I spend HOURS washing and deep conditioning my hair. Then I have to blow out my hair to have the best results for straightening my hair. I have tight coils and they have to be stretched to the Gods before using a flat iron. AND I do not use that cold setting I need to get this process done ASAP! Also have to keep a fan on in the bathroom. Cannot have sweat dripping down while trying to get these locs silky straight. Spend another few HOURS to straight since you gotta take the rat tail comb and flat iron to mini sections. Straightening natural hair is so OBNOXIOUS and TEDIOUS! Maybe just keep the curls...

Then I get my hair the way I want just to take one step outside and HUMIDITY be like:

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Don’t Tell Me How To Wear My Hair | Natural Hair Comic

Has this happened to you? Over the years I've had co-workers tell me they like my hair better straight...sigh. Well I don't. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I find when it my hair is straight its boring. Plus ain't nobody got time for that. The prep work alone stops me from straightening my hair😒

But I think it's a little worst when your boyfriend or whoever you're dating makes that comment. Like no sir! SHHHHHHHHH...sit down be humble. Especially since your momma been rocking the 90's Halle Berry pixie cut since you were born. So don't tell me to wear my hair straight cause it looks better or longer. What is the fascination with longer hair?

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I’m Feeling Myself | Natural Hair Comic

I love fluffing my hair. Some days I be feelin' myself and start posing in front of the mirror. #goodhairday. I also love playing in my hair after a good blowout. The bigger the hair the harder they stare...


This little choppy animation was inspired by Beulah of creamycrackrehab

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You Are The Real MVP | Natural Hair Comic

We all have our bad hair days. Sometimes our hair can be so annoying. You do one still the night before for it only to be ish the next day. Talk about wasted time. Not every twist out is created equal. I know when I can't get my hair to cooperate I will end up with a french twist on each size or puff. 

Shout out to the folks who boost us on our bad days. So when you see a fellow naturalista give her compliment on her hair

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Second Day Hair Is The Best Hair | Natural Hair Comic

Why is it that 2nd day or 3rd day hair is always the best!? If only I could achieve this on first day hair. I have tight coils so my shrinkage is like 50%. I absolutely HATE shrinkage. And please do not tell me it's something I just need to accept as a naturalista. Like no I don't. Its been 10 years and still do not eff with shrinkage. That being said wash n' gos are a no go.

My twist outs can happen on wet or dry hair depending on how I'm feeling Sunday (aka wash day). If I want to achieve something close to 2nd hair then I'll blow my hair out prior to twisting because diffusing does not giving the look I want. 

I don't necessary dislike 1st day hair because sometimes it be looking real cute. But watching my hair expand I'm just like get it girl! Second or third day hair the ish because your hair starts stretching and volume is escalating. We WANT BIG ASS HAIR. WE WANT THOSE STARES. I want my hair as big as it can get. Its funny because when I wear my 1st day to work I always get asked if I cut my hair...<insert eyeroll and laugh emoji> 

Do you prefer 2nd or 3rd day hair?

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I Dread Wash Day | Natural Hair Comic

I created this illustration back in 2014 and is probably what gravitated the natural hair community to my work on Instagram. It's always fun to re-create old artwork and see your growth.


Sunday Wash Day!

Why do all naturals designate Sundays as their wash day? Surely not all of us work Monday-Friday. I mean I do...but that's besides the point. Sunday is my most laziest day yet I will only wash my hair on that day. Also if I don't wash my hair by like 5pm on Sunday then I'm going another week without washing it. Call me the lazy naturalista baby.

I mean after a week my hair is usually stretched to perfection...why ruin it with washing it? Probably cause it stinks...BUT does it really!? That's why they invented essential oils aka TEA TREE OIL. I can't be the only lazy naturalista out here. Thank goodness for French twist aka Goddess Crown and puff hair do's😉

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Are You A Makeup Junkie?| Red Bubble

Makeup Junkie💄

I was having fun creating patterns last night and came up with this one. There are four (4) different skin tones💅 to choose from in my Red Bubble store. There are many items in the store such as phone cases (Iphone and Samsung), notebooks, clocks, accessories and more!

Red Bubble items have great quality.  I ordered myself the Hair Goals I-phone 6 Plus hard case and LOVE IT💕 The print came out more fabulous than I ever thought. Treat yo self or get gifty and order someone special an adorkable design. 



I had fun making these and hope you enjoy them. More designs to come! 


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