Are you affiliated with Adorkable Affiliation?

Yes☺ I am the creator/owner of Adorkable Affiliation


Do you sell your work anywhere?

Yes. I sell on Etsy and Red Bubble. Check 'em out if you're in the mood for some adorkable items


How can I get a custom illustration?

At this time I am closed for commissions until further notice.


What software do you use?

Photoshop & Illustrator


What is your process?

Check out my "Commission Guidelines"


How can I contact you?

For general questions >>here<< 


What is personal use and commercial use?

°º✿º°PERSONAL USE°º✿º°:

Personal use is free.  What counts as personal use?

•An illustration to be used on an invitation for yourself or a friend... but if you sell the invite/illustration, it is no longer personal use

•Wall art

•As stock art on a personal blog

•Social media profile picture

Personal use is basically any use in which you do not profit, directly or indirectly, from the use of the illustration.

 Ask yourself, “Do I make money from this in any way?” ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and if the answer is yes, it is no longer personal use.

If this illustration is to be used as a logo, you must pay the commercial/transfer of copyright fee.



Small Business Commercial Use>>more info<<

Commercial use is generally any use by a business or individual that generates profit.  This includes but is not limited to logos, advertisements, websites, income-generating blogs, 3rd party merchandising, and product labels.

You may NOT:

Claim the illustration(s) is your own work.