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I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile. 

Hello fellow naturalistas? Let’s talk about straightening our hair. THIS IS A PROCESS! First you have to pray? to baby Jesus that He will allow your hair to revert back once you’re ready to come back to the Curly Nation. Sometimes this is a 2-3 day process like UGGGGH? for the fear of HEAT ? DAMAGE.

I spend HOURS washing and deep conditioning my hair. Then I have to blow out my hair to have the best results for straightening my hair. I have tight coils and they have to be stretched to the Gods before using a flat iron. AND I do not use that cold setting I need to get this process done ASAP! Also have to keep a fan on in the bathroom. Cannot have sweat dripping down while trying to get these locs silky straight. Spend another few HOURS to straight since you gotta take the rat tail comb and flat iron to mini sections. Straightening natural hair is so OBNOXIOUS and TEDIOUS! Maybe just keep the curls…

Then I get my hair the way I want just to take one step outside and HUMIDITY be like:

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  1. I really enjoy your natural hair cartoons they are relatable and they look like me skin tone, hair type 4c and overall essence of who I would be as as an illustration… thanks for the reading:)

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