How to Create a Simple Pattern in Illustrator

▼How to Create a Simple Pattern in Illustrator▲

Hello ? ! So you want to learn how to create a pattern in Illustrator. I think I can help you with that ? I am using CS5 Illustrator. Once you get the basics down you should be able to create as many simple patterns your creative mind can think up. Now let’s get started!

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Simple Pattern in Illustrator

Step 1:

Open a new illustrator file. I’m using the art-board size 500px X 500px.

Then hit Ctrl + m to create a box that is 400px X 400px. 

Make sure Smart Guides are on by going to View → Smart Guides or use short cut Ctrl + u

Step 2:

Select star shape. Use the settings in image to create a triangle ▼. Pick any color you want

Move the triangle up to the left top corner. If you have Smart Guides on it should center align

Step 3:

Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste in front (Ctrl + f) the triangle

Then either add or subtract along the X and Y axis.

First +400 along the X axis

Copy and paste the first triangle ▼ again and +400 along the Y axis

Copy this new triangle and +400 along X axis


Step 4:

Now for the middle triangle ▼

Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste in front (Ctrl + f) the first triangle

Then +200 along the Y axis

Then +200 along the X axis


Step 5:

Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste in front (Ctrl + f) your bounding box

Then bring to the front

Turn off stroke

Select all (Ctrl + a)→ Then go to Pathfinder → Select “Crop”



Step 6:

Bring your previous bounding box to the front

Turn off stroke

Select all (Ctrl + a) and group (Ctrl + g)




Step 7:

You can drag into your swatches panel to create your pattern OR

go to Edit → Define Pattern → Name your new pattern

Step 8:

Yay! You’ve created a new pattern now try it out!

Ctrl + m and create box 500px X 500px

Select your fill as the pattern

You can mess with the size by going to Object → Transform → Scale → Patterns only selected → Scale to 50%

Play around with the settings like changing the color? or rotating the pattern

Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you ?


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