I Dread Wash Day | Natural Hair Comic

I created this illustration back in 2014 and is probably what gravitated the natural hair community to my work on Instagram. It’s always fun to re-create old artwork and see your growth.


Sunday Wash Day!

Why do all naturals designate Sundays as their wash day? Surely not all of us work Monday-Friday. I mean I do…but that’s besides the point. Sunday is my most laziest day yet I will only wash my hair on that day. Also if I don’t wash my hair by like 5pm on Sunday then I’m going another week without washing it. Call me the lazy naturalista baby.

I mean after a week my hair is usually stretched to perfection…why ruin it with washing it? Probably cause it stinks…BUT does it really!? That’s why they invented essential oils aka TEA TREE OIL. I can’t be the only lazy naturalista out here. Thank goodness for French twist aka Goddess Crown and puff hair do’s?

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