Is Your ‘Fro SEXY AF?

So I wanted to start re-creating some of my old artwork. I did a “‘Fros Are Sexy” back in 2014. I thought it was the bomb dot com back then plus it got alot of shares. Looking at it now I’m like OMG I’ve come a long way with Illustrator. If you haven’t noticed I love vector art and do 99% of my illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CS5. 

'Fros Are Sexy 2014-TawanaSimone

When re-creating this illustration I wanted my character to look sexy and almost uninterested. The curls need not be defined and I’m really into mid rings right now. Guess because its the trend right now even though I do not wear them myself. Anyway…I did want to keep some elements from the original illustration such as the gold jewelry and black dress. At first I had given her a red lip but was like maybe it looks to harsh or intimidating. But really it’s not; however these are the thoughts that go through my head in the finalizing stages as I look at the illustration from my computer and phone. Always walk away for a bit before deciding. Then I just decided why not post both. She looks good with a natural lip and a red one. Which do you prefer?

Not all of us have defined curls without product. I love seeing my fellow naturalistas rocking their fluffy twistouts or picked out ‘fro. Our hair is beautiful whether defined or not. I have tight corkscrew curls or some may say I’m apart of the 4C hair club. I do love fluffing my hair to its fullest potential. Do you wear your hair in its natural state of an afro? Is your ‘fro sexy AF? 


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