Penelope the Pug is TWO Today!!

Oh where has the time gone. My baby is two today!! I've had her since she was 3 months old...*internal scream* As of today, Penelope Louise McDuffie is the closest thing I'll have to child and I'm okay with that. She's a handful all by herself. And to think I want to give her a sibling once we get a yard. I got her some toys as she has pretty much destroyed her other ones and a new bowl. These items were on sale or priced to clear at Petsmart. I love Martha Stewart's pet line. Penelope has a few of her dress harnesses. I would put her in one today but we will be going to the park and I don't want it to get wet once she starts playing in the doggy pool. 


Penelope the Pug Bday Toys-TawanaSimone

I go three toys: ladybug, peep and a squirrel. Plus a new bowl to help her slow down when eating. Each toy ranged from $2-$4. All the toys have squeakers. As I'm typing this up she is playing with the ladybug and making that squeaker go! Lawd help meh! But she's happy and that's all that matters. I really love ladybugs so once I saw it I had to get it. Since its Easter season Petsmart had the peep toys out and they are CUTE. It's a great chew toy with the attached rope part. Penelope will be chewing on it for hours. The squirrel has the crinkle stuff inside which she also likes. Overall I give the toys a 9 out 10.The bowl was $6 something and priced to clear. I been wanting to get her the bowl but was waiting for the price to come down more. Penelope scarfs down her food like its her last meal. So this should help with that and her not choking on her food from eating too fast. Maybe she'll taste it now. I swear pugs are like garbage disposals. Can't wait to see how she takes to her new bowl.

Penelope the Pug Playing W Bday Toys-TawanaSimone

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