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So back in the day when the natural hair movement wasn’t so saturated I remember girls becoming OBSESSED with natural hair beauty gurus. To the point that the fans thought it was their hair too. God forbid one of these natural hair gurus did a second big chop. Some of their fans would LOSE their minds like they got their hair cut off too. You’d see them in the Youtube comments mourning the dead hair…?

That’s when I came to realization that the natural hair community was  “lengthist”. Everyone envied the big curly hair. Even I did, not appreciating the inbetween “ugly” phase. Basically don’t live vicariously through your favorite naturalista. #hairgoals

Does anyone remember the old school natural hair beauty gurus of like 2007-2009? I miss ladies like Rustic Beauty. Hope she’s doing well. 

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  1. I ran across your pins on Pinterest and fell in love the character for the natural hair comics is so adorable!! She looks like me lol. But keep up the good work on your site!! ?

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