Why Won’t My Flexirod Set Let Me Be Great!?

I am one lazy naturalista but it seems like every time I try something new with my hair it's a SUPER FAIL. Like why me!? Why can't I be great? I can watch a million and one Youtube tutorials and never figure it. <insert sad face> Whether it's a flexirod set or perm rod set. I mean I want and would love to achieve the perfect curly 'fro but I just don't think it's in the cards for me. I have no advice on this topic and just wanted to illustrate my frustration with my natural curly kinky hair. Will I continue to try and achieve this perfect curly 'fro...? Um, probably! I want to wear cute hair styles like the popular natural hair Youtubers too. So yes chile, I will be trying again on a rainy Sunday while I watch Netflix.


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