How to Create a Simple Pattern in Illustrator

▼How to Create a Simple Pattern in Illustrator▲

Hello 👋 ! So you want to learn how to create a pattern in Illustrator. I think I can help you with that 😉 I am using CS5 Illustrator. Once you get the basics down you should be able to create as many simple patterns your creative mind can think up. Now let's get started!

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Simple Pattern in Illustrator

Step 1:

Open a new illustrator file. I'm using the art-board size 500px X 500px.

Then hit Ctrl + m to create a box that is 400px X 400px. 

Make sure Smart Guides are on by going to View → Smart Guides or use short cut Ctrl + u

Step 2:

Select star shape. Use the settings in image to create a triangle ▼. Pick any color you want

Move the triangle up to the left top corner. If you have Smart Guides on it should center align

Step 3:

Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste in front (Ctrl + f) the triangle

Then either add or subtract along the X and Y axis.

First +400 along the X axis

Copy and paste the first triangle ▼ again and +400 along the Y axis

Copy this new triangle and +400 along X axis


Step 4:

Now for the middle triangle ▼

Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste in front (Ctrl + f) the first triangle

Then +200 along the Y axis

Then +200 along the X axis


Step 5:

Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste in front (Ctrl + f) your bounding box

Then bring to the front

Turn off stroke

Select all (Ctrl + a)→ Then go to Pathfinder → Select "Crop"



Step 6:

Bring your previous bounding box to the front

Turn off stroke

Select all (Ctrl + a) and group (Ctrl + g)




Step 7:

You can drag into your swatches panel to create your pattern OR

go to Edit → Define Pattern → Name your new pattern

Step 8:

Yay! You've created a new pattern now try it out!

Ctrl + m and create box 500px X 500px

Select your fill as the pattern

You can mess with the size by going to Object → Transform → Scale → Patterns only selected → Scale to 50%

Play around with the settings like changing the color🌈 or rotating the pattern

Good luck! Let me know how it works out for you 😊


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Golden Geo Digital Papers

▼Golden Geo Digital Papers▲

Hello 👋 ! These are 12in x 12in seamless patterns I made in Illustrator.  Use theses backgrounds to enhance your designs and create unique marbled items like wedding invitations, anniversary or birthday cards, decor party, scrap booking, handcrafted items gift wrapping, stickers, cases and some much more...

This digital seamless paper pack contains :

- 4 printable digital papers
- high quality 300 dpi JPG  and PNG files
- 12" x 12" sheets. 

**PNG files have transparent backgrounds so you can have it be any color you want using your favorite editing software.

This is a pateron exclusive and can be downloaded >> here <<

As usual these printables are free for personal use, (check my FAQ if you haven’t previously.)  If you have been here before, you know the drill.

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Available here 👉 Golden Geo | Digital Papers  👈


Perks of Printable Digital Papers

Printable digital papers means that you can download this file and print the backgrounds off as many times as you want and use them over and over and over. ☺

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