Happy National Wine Day!

So this illustration has been through it....All I can say is always remember to save your work. I accidentally hit Ctrl+W and wasn't paying attention when I selected "NO". All my work gone...sigh. And I debated about not attempting to redraw this but I did it anyway while drinking some Pink Moscato in my unicorn mug. The wine was pink at first to mimic what I'm drinking then I changed my mind and made it white.

Which is your favorite: white, pink or red wine🍷?


Happy National Wine Day-TawanaSimone

I love white and dessert wines most. Don't let me get my hand on a pink Moscato, mimosa or sangria. Reds are too dry and smoky for me. The after taste is just blaaaah. I also used some new hair brushes for this illustration. I just love drawing curly kinky hair.

Mimosa Monday-TawanaSimone

This is an old beautiful illustration I did for Mimosa Monday. I recently tried it with cranberry juice and also grapefruit. Did not realize how good it would taste. I'm not a drink but when I do I want it to taste as fruity as possible.

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