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So you wanna pledge, do ya?

Hello there! Thank you for considering our little community. Looking to support your favorite content creator or are you a content yourself? Consider joining Patreon.  Consider Patreon a ✨fan subscription✨ where you can get access to exclusive content. There different tiers of membership per content creator where you can receive different rewards. Participate in polls and disscussions. Learn tips and tricks. And you can "edit" your pledge at any time.

I have Patreon page called Tawana Simone where I post printables and illustrations. I offer different tiers that gain pledgers access to different rewards. If you're into printable items like stickers and digital papers, art geared towards natural consider joining my Patreon.  I will also be sell stickers and downloadables on my Etsy.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Tawana and I'm a pug momma.  You may know my work through my internet persona Adorkable Affiliation! I've been on Patreon since 2016. Here you'll receive printables, comics, line art and illustrations. I started my Patreon back in 2016. Patreon is my chance to create exclusive content just for YOU. I love creating art and sharing it with the world.  I mostly work in Adobe Illustrator. Here you'll get early access as well as content exclusive only to Patreon plus WIPs(works in progress). 

Rewards Delivery

New illustrations every month and there are different tiers you can support. Every pledger will receive awesome rewards in return of their support. You can set how much you want to pledge each month. If you wish to change or remove your pledge, you can do so by clicking "Edit Pledge."

Once you pledge you are charged up front and at the beginning at each month thereafter. If you are already a pledger and choose to edit to a higher tier you will be charged the difference for the first month. For more info click >>here<<

How Do I Post Rewards

  • I typically post on weekly basis
    • There are at minimum 5 printables each month excluding the "exclusive link(s)"
    • Adorkabellas receive 2 of 5
    • Glamzons receive 3 of 5
    • Ladybugs & Pandoras receive 5 of 5
  • Pledgers get to vote on the color palette for each monthly sticker
  • All posts are for personal use only unless otherwise specified
  • The monthly calendar/sticker posts happen typically around the 10th of the month
  • Exclusive link(s) go out at the beginning of the month and the end of the month
  • Diva Doll(s) for Ladybug & Pandora tiers posts near the end of the month
    •  (1) doll minimum; depending on my schedule there may be more
  • Random Pandora package will be mailed out via USPS during the 20-25th of the month

I offer (4) different tiers as of January 1, 2018.

$2+ The Adorkabellas✨   $5+ The Glamazons💅

$10+ The Ladybugs🐞       $20+ The Pandoras🔮

The Adorkabellas will receive✨

★ 2+ Printables

- At minimum every month you'll receive (2) printable(s)

 - (1) of the two printable(s) will be page 1 of the monthly planner stickers.

★ Early Access to Freebies

- I provide free printable(s) on my blog. You'll get early access before they are available to the public plus the Silhouette cut file

★ Random W.I.Ps (works in progress) 

- Random sketches or drawings...

★ Interact on Activity Feed 

- Comment on the activity feed about posts or make suggestions for posts to be considered.

The Glamazons will receive💅

★ Access to previous tiers rewards

★ 3+ Printables

★ Monthly Calendar & Stickers

-Calendar --featuring a diva doll. (2) skintone options.

-Planner Stickers Pg 1

-Planner Stickers Pg 2--includes the monthly diva with emoticons

-Mobile backgrounds

-Silhouette cut file for stickers

★ Exclusive Link 

-This is an essentially a thank you to those that stick around throughout the whole month of their pledge. The link is sent out via private message (2x) a month. The link expires. Its a get or lose it item. Will include printables and/or illustrations ranging from 1-3 file(s).

It will be sent out the beginning of the month (10-15) and again at the end of the month (28-3). You must be a current pledger at the time the link(s) are sent out to gain access to download the zip file. If you miss the exclusive link at the beginning of the month you can get access to the next one at the end of the month. And vice versa.

Example of Monthly Stickers

Example of Monthly Stickers


The Ladybugs will receive🐞

 Access to previous tier rewards

★  5+ Printables  

★  Diva doll die cut printable(s)   

-you'll recieve Silhouette cut files to create diva doll die cuts. These will be posted closer to the end of each month.

(2) skintones options available.

★  Discount code for Etsy


The Pandoras will receive🔮

★  Previous tier rewards 

★  This tier only has 10 slot available

-Enrollment is available from the 28th of the previous month until the 18th of the current month. Unless all slots are full.

★  All access to all exclusive link rewards 

-These will be posted as (1) zip file at the end of the month

★  Clipart/Diva Doll (select for small business commercial use)

-At least (1) diva doll or clipart will be available for current Pandora pledgers each month

-The selected diva doll(s) or clipart(s) will be available only to current Pandoras of that month via an expirable dropbox link

 (1) random Pandora package sent every month between
the 25th-30th; US residents only 

-random package will be related to items I offer on Patreon or samples of items that may be later listed on Etsy.

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November 2017 Planner Stickers

🍁November 2017 Planner Stickers🍁

I just adore the color scheme for November. Ready for the holidays? Glam up your planner or personal calendar with this Patreon exclusive glam character sticker elements. This one page kit includes several elements to glam up your planner.

This kit is available on my patreon >>here<<. Pledging $5 will unlock  the printable kit+bonus page that includes emoticons, calendar and mobile background. $2+ pledge will unlock the printable kit only. There are trace files so you can set them up in your Silhouette or cutting machine. There are many more you can download from the patreon once you pledge. I create a new character every month!

As usual these planner kits are free for personal use, (check my FAQ if you haven’t previously.)  If you have been here before, you know the drill.

Like it👍? Pin it for later!

For those who pledge $5 you will receive the following:


Printable Stickers

For $2 pledgers you will recieve this planner set with trace file to set up in your Silhouette or cutting machine.

Perks of Printable Stickers

Printable planner stickers means that you can download this file and print the stickers off as many times as you want and use them over and over and over. They fit the Erin Condren vertical box sizes but you are more than welcome to use them for other non-commercial uses☺

How to Use this Printable Planner Kit:

1) The easiest way to use this printout  is to print it out on a full sheet of white sticker paper and if you own a Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait or other digital cutter you can cut out the to-do lists or planner stickers using their designer software.

2) The most tedious way is to print out the planner stickers on sticker paper and cut out by hand, I have done my best to spac the elements so that you can use a pair of good craft scissors to get a clean cut and handle the fussy cutting.


Hope you enjoy! ☺


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February 2017 Printable Calendar & Planner Stickers | Patreon Exclusive

February 2017 Calendar

💕Be Mine💕

Check out this adorkable February 2017 calendar.


•Printable calendar

•Printable planner stickers

•Mobile version

 This is a patreon exclusive


I love having these monthly mobile backgrounds. They come in handy during meetings or needing to glance at a calendar real quick. The calendar, mobile background and printable stickers are patreon exclusive. $5 Pledgers will receive all 3 items and $2 pledgers will receive the printable stickers only. 


I'm consistently turning my characters into printable planner sticker kits that are available on Patreon. Patreon is a great platform where you can support your favorite creators. On there I post my artwork and printables. Check it out.


Check out some adorkable printable freebies ☛ here ☚

❤Printable Planner Stickers❤


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January 2017 Printable Calendar & Planner Stickers | Patreon Exclusive

January 2017 Calendar

Welcome to the new year! 2017🎉

Check out this adorkable January 2017 calendar.


•Printable calendar

•Printable planner stickers

•Mobile version

 This is a patreon exclusive. Files are delievered in a zipped folder

January 2017 Mobile Background🎉

I love having these monthly mobile backgrounds. They come in handy during meetings or needing to glance at a calendar real quick. The calendar, mobile background and printable stickers are patreon exclusive. $5 Pledgers will receive all 3 items and $2 pledgers will receive the printable stickers only.

🎉Printable Planner Stickers🎉



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May 2016 Calendar


Bring in the May flowers 🌼🌻🌹💐 cause I'm so over these April showers ☔

Check out this adorkable May 2016 Calendar.


•Printable calendar

•Desktop version

•Mobile version

 This is a patreon exclusive. Files are in a zipped folder


🌼Screenshot of mobile wallpaper🌼


Do you love my ADORKABLE artwork? Become a patron and receive exclusive content while supporting Adorkable Affiliation💕

Pledge >>here << to receive monthly digital goodies


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