Welcome to 2018 & New Tiers on Patreon!

So you wanna pledge, do ya?

Hello there! Thank you for considering our little community. Looking to support your favorite content creator or are you a content yourself? Consider joining Patreon.  Consider Patreon a ✨fan subscription✨ where you can get access to exclusive content. There different tiers of membership per content creator where you can receive different rewards. Participate in polls and disscussions. Learn tips and tricks. And you can “edit” your pledge at any time.

I have Patreon page called Tawana Simone where I post printables and illustrations. I offer different tiers that gain pledgers access to different rewards. If you’re into printable items like stickers and digital papers, art geared towards natural consider joining my Patreon.  I will also be sell stickers and downloadables on my Etsy.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Tawana and I’m a pug momma.  You may know my work through my internet persona Adorkable Affiliation! I’ve been on Patreon since 2016. Here you’ll receive printables, comics, line art and illustrations. I started my Patreon back in 2016. Patreon is my chance to create exclusive content just for YOU. I love creating art and sharing it with the world.  I mostly work in Adobe Illustrator. Here you’ll get early access as well as content exclusive only to Patreon plus WIPs(works in progress). 

Rewards Delivery

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