Which Mood Are You?

I’m intrigued by the new Facebook update. Now we have REACTION emojis in lieu of just giving posts a “like” As a Facebook business page owner, I am intrigued and slightly frighten by this update. I’m excited to see how folks rate my work but at the same time no one wants negativity. But then again that comes with the territory. I’ve been wanting to make my own emojis or sticker emojis. So I’ll start with the new reaction emojis. I may do some more and post them on my Patreon page. 


Like?••• Love❤

Haha? ••• WOW?

Sad?   ••• Angry?

I think with the added reactions, page owners are definitely going to up their game in the content they offer. I know I plan to…or at least try to. Wonder if Instagram will over something similar to this update. Which mood are you?

Adorkable Affiliation Facebook 022616


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