Why Won’t My Flexirod Set Let Me Be Great!?

I am one lazy naturalista but it seems like every time I try something new with my hair it’s a SUPER FAIL. Like why me!? Why can’t I be great? I can watch a million and one Youtube tutorials and never figure it. <insert sad face> Whether it’s a flexirod set or perm rod set. I mean I want and would love to achieve the perfect curly ‘fro but I just don’t think it’s in the cards for me. I have no advice on this topic and just wanted to illustrate my frustration with my natural curly kinky hair. Will I continue to try and achieve this perfect curly ‘fro…? Um, probably! I want to wear cute hair styles like the popular natural hair Youtubers too. So yes chile, I will be trying again on a rainy Sunday while I watch Netflix.


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  1. I wanted to have my hair curly for my birthday this year, and I decided to get a flexi rod style. I’ve tried this style at home before, and it always came out frizzy. My hairstylist said that you have to get the hair really straight before rolling it in the rod; she used a fine tooth comb to achieve the straightened hair after she washed it. I hope this helps.

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